The company

how we work, light architects. Excellence in LED lighting. Solutions for architectural, retail, commercial and retrofit markets. Try us, you won’t be disappointed! We are light architects and we have been on the forefront of the lighting industry for decades. Specifying, working and developing with major lighting brands, we are and have been working as lighting designer, factory liaison, project manager and marketing manager for numerous lighting projects. Whether indoor or outdoor, office or private residence, brand new or retrofit, we have a multitude of reliable and affordable solutions for you.

For us, lighting is the 4th dimension of architecture. Sensitively integrated, light emphasizes the spirit of a building or a space. Lighting design uses light to enhance a space, set a mood or improve visibility, thus enabling the activities of its occupants.

Designing small to large lighting projects and complex lighting control solutions is 'serious daily business', considering client's requirements and budget as key. In order to facilitate your project, can rely on a multi-discipline pool of specialists. Lighting designers experienced in architectural, retail or even events and theatre, NEN-certified specialized electrical engineers, graphic artists for 3D rendering, experts for Dialux calculations and modeling, UI designers for custom made lighting control surfaces. They’re available. Eager to start. Here. For your project. For you!


How we work


Our customers range from Europe (Italy, Greece) to India, to the Middle East and the Gulf Region and our network even reaches into Singapore, Hongkong and South Africa. We’re familiar with the lighting designers, consultants, installers and MEP contractors, as we’ve come to know during our long term presence in these markets. We work globally - it just works!


Your project is in good hands with us. We are independent, in no way tied to any manufacturer. So we will always suggest the services, products and workflow that are best for realizing your project. This implies: your concerns are ours - within budget, within time and with utmost care and quality. Support, training, installation and commissioning are well thought about. And after that, product warranty and future support are defined within strict Service Level Agreements. No hidden tricks.


First, we’ll discuss your requirements and suggest luminaires and other system components. We’ll compose a cost estimate including basic drawings. After your approval, we’ll draw up a project plan, agree on that plan, order the equipment and define subsequent installation phases. We’ll start installation, guard deadlines and deliver. Finally, you and your project go live.

Special development, a lighting control system which includes sensors, switches or interfaces to BMS, computer systems or media players, can be done as well - has created many tailor made applications and user interfaces, wired or wireless. Additional services such as lifelike 3D renders, Dialux light calculations and artist impressions are available but will be charged.

Quality products

Although a small country, The Netherlands has some impressive lighting products on offer as well. Cooperating with Dutch manufacturers, we have been able to integrate some of the finest luminaires in our projects. These luminaires are 100 percent designed, developed and manufactured in The Netherlands. True Dutch/European products of great quality, innovative design and with an impressive performance at an attractive price level. Sounds interesting? Just let us know!

Some history was founded in a time there were no LEDs yet. The very first intelligent light used an optical mirror, the product name ‘moving head’ still had to be invented. A little lesson in video taught us composite video and YC. HD was years away, 4K and 8K not even invented. But contributed to the development of HD cameras and 2K film scanning while working for a Royal Dutch electronics- and lighting manufacturer. Earned its place as a technical service provider for European event organizers while working with a sister company of The Netherlands' largest exhibition center. And was involved in the management of Amsterdam’s most famous rental house, serving performing arts clients in the greater Amsterdam region.