_ introduces VICE Lighting linear lighting fixtures! product
November 21, 2016
VICE Lighting
VICE is the result of more than 60 years of engineering and industrial experience, poured into an uncompromised approach to functional design.
The VICE architectural linear range, with its versatile approach, offers an unprecedented array of performing optics designed to support a combination of powerful outputs and major mounting options for interior and/or exterior applications.
The VICE range abides by its «less is more» philosophy. Every single product is the result of cutting-edge research and development, reflecting the company’s continuous quest for innovation and perfection.
Looking for really special lighting options for your new retail-, office- of residential project? As your partner, is your right connection towards exciting lighting solutions by VICE Lighting!

_ LDI 2016 Las Vegas - See the latest in profesional lighting! exhibition
October 17, 2016
LDI2016 is here!
Since 1988, Live Design International (LDI) has been the leading tradeshow and conference for lighting professionals. LDI hosts over 12,000 attendees working in theatres, clubs, theme parks and a wide range of venues. Attendees from over 80 countries come to LDI to see the latest lighting gear in action. Come and see for yourself. And pay us a visit: Visual Productions at booth #1749. See the new CueCore2, the RDM DMX Splitter and discuss your upcoming projects!

_ The White Papers - Part 2 education
July 3, 2016
A New White Paper is pleased to announce a second White Paper which explains an advanced lighting control system integrated in an exhibition booth. The system comprises two controllers for central and local control and wired and wireless control surfaces, all working nicely and combined in a networked environment. This White Paper comes with system diagram, CueCore and B-Station show files and TouchOSC templates to control the system from wireless devices.
If you would like to see how we have programmed lighting control for this project and would like to have access to all files that have been created for these projects, a short email is all it takes!

_ Acclaim Lighting shows first Quad RGBW flexible LED strip product
June 30, 2016
Acclaim Lighting Spectrum RGBW
Flex Spectrum is a new RGBW flexible LED strip, available in 5 meter lengths. As opposed to the traditional RGB+W flexible LED product with separate and alternating RGB and white LEDs, manufacturer Acclaim Lighting now has a wonderful solution with Quad RGBW LEDs. The advantage is clear: since the separate white LED has gone and all colors are mixed inside one quad color LED diode, more uniform color mixing and even light dispersion is the result. Spectrum is designed to give you a wide range of colors to choose from in applications where both color and dedicated white are required. By mixing blue with 3000K inside the quad color diode, you get a white range from 3000K-7000K, while maintaining a CRI of 80 or better. Acclaim Lighting's Flex Spectrum is available in Exterior (IP68) and Interior (IP20) versions.

_ liniLED® booth at Light+Building 2016 in Frankfurt great success project
May 17, 2016
liniLED at Light+Building
According to the visitors, the most beautiful booth on floor 4.1 during Light+Building 2016 in Frankfurt was the liniLED® booth. The booth's main attractions were the breathtaking new Tempore dichroic colour effect, the Chandelier, programmed to show a new flexible dynamic white LED product producing different white colors from cold white to warm white, and the Sample Table, which premiered a new, ultra efficient and high brightness LED product.
A mere ten unique liniLED® product applications were programmed and controlled by These could be controlled by the booth staff using a specially developed 'liniLED® Booth Remote' running on their iPhones. Demos and applications in a real and 'live' environment!

_ supplies Combi Events with new HedgeHog 4E news
May 17, 2016
Combi Events invests in HedgeHog 4E
Combi Events, based in Waardenburg, The Netherlands are professionals in full-service support for conferences, product shows and events. It is a total-solutions company, fulfilling your needs in audio, video, lighting and tech support requirements. After ample consideration Combi Events have augmented their equipment inventory with a High End Systems HedgeHog 4E lighting console. was chosen as the supllier. For more information visit the Combi Events website.

_ New Invisua Master Spot 2 Track creates vibrant colours product
May 10, 2016
liniLED op Light+Building
Invisua Lighting, a quality manufacturer from The Netherlands, introduces the Master Spot 2 Track. It transforms your shop, restaurant or museum into an alluring destination. These track fixtures produce unique subtleties in coloured and white lighting giving what’s on display just a drop of extra appeal. Create dynamic coloured light scenes that continue even after closing time!
Due to the perfect LED selection and colour mixing, numerous colours and shades of white can be created, up to CRI 95 colour accuracy. The fixture features an adjustable beam of 12-30 degr. and delivers up to 4,000 Lm of clean light output. For special applications a line of optical accessories is available: a 20x90 degr. beam spreader, a 40 degr. beam spreader and a glare optimizer. Master Spot Track 2 can be controlled by its own app or may be integrated in a professional DMX environment.

_ Two Dutch Giants Join Forces news
February 23, 2016
liniLED Lighting Control
How great would it be if you could order a complete lighting system with a (customised) lighting control solution? The collaboration between Triolight BV, Dutch manufacturer of the high quality liniLED® System, and's Maarten Donath now makes that possible!
Due to his many years of experience, knowledge and expertise, Maarten creates control solutions with sensors, switches, interfaces and integration in Building Management Systems. In addition to computer systems and media players, it’s even possible to obtain custom made applications and user interfaces (wired or wireless). Strictly using hardware of Visual Productions, a leading Dutch manufacturer of multi platform lighting control technology, they guarantee the best possible lighting control results of the highest quality. See for yourself on Light+Building 2016 in Frankfurt: Triolight BV, Hall 4.1, booth #E61, 13-18.3 2016. See you there!

_ Caret Design Light product
January 31, 2016
Caret Globe Light
A few weeks ago, ran across an interesting light bulb: Caret Design Light delivers a particularly warm light (2300K extra warm white) and is an ideal retrofit solution for the vintage E27 incandescent light bulbs. It is particularly suited for use in chandeliers and design fixtures, where the lamp is visible at all times. Even a simple but decorative brass socket and rayon covered connection cord do the Caret Design Light fully justice. The Caret Design Light is available in Globe and 'Squirrel Cage' shape and has great dimming characteristics, helping to create the desired atmosphere in restaurants, lounges or residential spaces. It is a real eye catcher!

_ The White Papers - Part 1 education
January 31, 2016
papers 1
We have been developing a series of white papers on projects we have realized in the past. We are proud to announce the first one: A landscape lighting project that mainly depends on the scheduler module of a CueCore solid state lighting controller. All files used in the project are available for you to study. After restoring the original xml file to a CueCore, feel free to study, use, modify or copy to create your own.
If you would like to see how we have programmed lighting control for these projects and would like to have access to all files that have been created for these projects, just drop us an email. And keep an eye on our newsletters - more white papers about OSC, UDP and other subjects to follow!

_ Integrated Systems Europe 2016 exhibition
January 28, 2016
ISE 2016
It's that time of year again: this February 9-12 sees Europe's largest trade show for the professional installation market, held in the RAI Exhibition and Conference Center in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This first ever four-day ISE will allow you to make the most of your time at the world’s best-attended AV, system integration and communication exhibition.
Are you visiting ISE? You can find us on the Visual Productions booth in Hall 10, booth #R114. They specialize in cross platform (MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS) software lighting control and solid-state hardware lighting control. Brand new are Cuety for iOS with LPU-2 and the QuadCore solid-state multi-universe controller. Book a meeting and we'll show you all new products!

_ Kuipers Lighting chooses as main supplier news
January 28, 2016
kuipers lighting
Odijk (The Netherlands) based specialist lighting company Kuipers Lighting has heavily invested in lighting fixtures manufactured by the ADJ Group of Companies. Both group brands American DJ and Elation Professional have supplied numerous lighting fixtures that will be employed in rental, event and theatre environments.
After ample consideration, various visits, product evaluations and a sneak peek in Elation's R&D and Support Departments, owner Guido Kuipers placed several orders with ADJ Group's partner Kuipers noted: 'the Group's brands are getting more and more known and accepted, offer an excellent price-performance ratio and especially the Elation fixtures are extremely well constructed for on-the-road usage'. Kuipers Lighting now has an impressive stock supplied by, consisting of Inno Color Beams Z7, Fog Fury Fazers, Super Spots LED, SixPAR 100 LED spots and shiny new ELA Sixbars 1000, among others.

_ Remembering The Paris Victims project
November 30, 2015
thornico building
Nothing can compensate for the loss. At least 130 people were killed in terrorist attacks on Nov. 13 in the French capital. They were mostly young people, out having fun. The victims included an architect, an American college student, an Algerian violinist and many, many music fans. The French Tricolore was seen on the Rotterdam Thornico Building. Thornico wanted to show its compassion and asked Contractor WL Techniek and to create two French national flags size 10 meters wide and 12 meters high, which was achieved in just a couple of hours. The flags were clearly visible on the roof of the building for one week.

_ LDI 2015 Las Vegas exhibition
October 15, 2015
ldi show
For 28 years Live Design International (LDI) has been the leading global tradeshow and conference for live design professionals. From 19-25 October held in the Las Vegas Convention Center, NV, USA, attendees working in theatre, concerts, clubs, theme parks, the best in the industry convene, traveling to LDI to network, see the latest gear, refresh knowledge and replenish creativity. An important show for exhibitors, as they are able to reach out to the North- and South American markets as well as the Canadian market for lighting professionals. Go there and see the latest in professional lighting technology!

_ Dydell and Pyrasied: New and Innovative product
June 15, 2015
Dydell, Dynamic Design LED Light, is a unique light source for completely new applications, made of two semi-spheres, both fitted with RGB and warm white LEDs. Both semi-spheres can be controlled separately, combining rich colors with bright warm white light. Dydell light source integration in DMX en DALI controlled systems is enabled by the Dydell master unit. Interesting? Contact about this unique product, made in The Netherlands!
Pyrasied Diffuser Company are Dutch specialists in light diffusing materials. Their latest is PyraLED ST6, emitting light with a beam of exactly 66 degrees. This results in an extreme transmission of pure diffuse light which enables designs with strictly defined UGR values. Great for backlighting, or for creating diffused ceiling lights.

_ PLS 2015 exhibition
March 17, 2015
Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt am Main will be held 15 to 18 April ( 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.) 2015. It is the leading international fair of technologies and services for events, installation and production. All major lighting manufacturers will be present, showing their latest luminaires including those targeted at architectural and commercial applications.

Are you visiting Prolight + Sound this year? You’ll find us on the Visual Productions booth in Hall 11, booth A61. Contact us for a free entrance code and book a meeting. We’ll show you all exciting new lighting control products. We look forward to welcoming you!

_ Lightlabs India project
March 16, 2015
photo was asked to assist Lightlabs from India with selecting and ordering the right luminaires for their Trees Mumbai project. After ample consideration, Elation Professional LED luminaires were selected. Lightlabs, a division of Bombay Electrical Projects and Supplies Pvt. Ltd in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India is well known among major Indian lighting designers and design offices in the greater Mumbai region. The experienced Lightlabs staff has realized several impressive projects throughout India.

_ Revo Micro product
March 14, 2015
Dutch manufacturer CLS-LED adds another sibling to the already impressive Revo product line. Revo LED luminaires share modularity. These luminaires use latest generation Lumileds and Cree LEDs for outstanding performance and light output, while a vast range of LED colors, various lenses (including elliptical) and blank and black housing are available. The Revo range now counts 3 surface mount versions: Revo (20 Watts), Revo Compact (10 Watts) and the new Revo Micro. The Revo Inground (20 watts) and Revo Compact Inground (10 Watts) feature double IP67 protection, developed for outdoor inground applications.

The Revo Micro is unbelievably compact and measures only 13 cm, adjustable mounting bracket included. Featuring one 5 Watts LED, power is either direct 100-240V AC or 24V AC/DC. With a CNC machined, IP67 rated solid aluminum housing, the Revo Series is suitable for outdoor applications. The Revo Micro is a fine choice for subtle yet powerful lighting of architectural structures, monuments or facade details and can be used in landscape lighting as well.

_ Cuety lighting control
March 13, 2015
With more and more apps for wireless lighting control becoming available, Visual Productions’ Cuety for iOS will revolutionize iPad DMX lighting control. It takes advantage of the iPad’s multi-touch capability and conforms to the industry-standard cue list system, enabling entry level users to master the ‘language’ that professionals speak when designing and programming professional lighting. And professional users now have a very affordable wireless tool for designing and programming smaller architectural, retail or residential installations as well.

The LPU, Cuety’s hardware, contains the engine that runs your show, calculates fade times and renders dynamic effects. Since the Cuety app is only the user interface, your show will continue in the case of a WiFi network interruption. Cuety comes with over 3,800 personality files, including those for generic fixtures like single channel, RGB, RGBW etc. The Cuety Remote app for iOS enables customers to change lighting scenes without ruining the programmed cues. Cuety is a genuine gem for both entry level user and lighting professional alike!

_ Grenswerk project
March 12, 2015
photo was consulted for co-designing and fine tuning the new lighting control system of recently opened venue Grenswerk in Venlo, The Netherlands. Combining all LED lighting lines in the venue into both general lighting and emergency lighting was a challenge, with the building control system generating the necessary triggers in case of an emergency. And of course these triggers need to be handled with priority over other lighting control, immediately indicating an emergency situation. Additionally, these LED lines need also be controlled by an external lighting desk in case of a show or performance, resulting in even more intelligence required: the standard DMX patch now changes dynamically depending on connection of an external lighting desk.
All lighting controllers were neatly installed by Maastricht based company MediaService. Acclaim Lighting’s Art SSC solid state lighting controller (2 pcs) and Art IO input/output interface (8 pcs) were used throughout the venue, while a simple looking but very intelligent Art B6 6-button lighting controller is being used in the venue’s restaurant.