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Lighting for architectural covers the process of designing and developing exterior lighting for buildings, offices, skyscrapers, monuments and historical sites. It may include general lighting, specific luminaires for lighting building details or even color-changing facade lighting. Facade lighting may use multiple (even thousands of) individually controllable lights (so called ‘pixels’) thus creating a moving image, either video, graphics or shapes, across one or more sides of the building. In general, lighting design enhances a building.


Retail (and hotels and restaurants) lighting may consist of general interior lighting to accommodate for a pleasant shopping or dining environment. It may also consist of specific spot lights to draw attention to merchandise or other objects. A similar result may be obtained by using strip lights or miniature LED lights under shelves or in displays. And lighting is often used to guide clients their way through a shop. Retailers may also use ambient lighting and building accents to express the corporate identity of a business with specific colors and lighting design.


Lighting for office interiors, waiting lounges, lobbies and reception desks are just a few examples of commercial lighting. Commercial lighting design includes sufficient light levels for a productive work environment, pleasant and welcoming lighting in a lobby or waiting lounge or bright white lighting levels in research and laboratory environments. But it’s decorative lighting as well: think the wall behind a reception desk, lighting a sculpture in the entrance hall or just relaxing lighting in the toilets. Basic whites with colors for corporate identity and decoration.

Residential & Landscaping

Your home. It’s your castle. So we design a lighting plan that suits the applications, the atmosphere and the decoration: reading the newspaper in an appropriate light level, dreaming away in a relaxing bathroom or enjoying a feature movie in the home theatre. What about your garden? An integrated approach adjusts the lighting inside and outside in the garden, creating depth while enhancing the landscape design. And we integrate lighting control with the rest of your home: let us design your home automation systems for a hassle-free experience.


It’s not all brand new buildings, homes and offices we do lighting design for. We now all know that LED lighting is an environmentally friendly, elegant and energy saving solution. LED lighting manufacturers have solutions for replacing traditional fluorescent tubes, incandescent bulbs and gas discharge and halogen lights. Energy savings up to 75% can be achieved when using LED light sources that fit perfectly in existing lamp housings. Think of car parks with hundreds of TL tube lights, restaurants with dozens of halogen spotlights, etc.

Lighting Control

Designing and implementing a lighting plan is often not the end of the story. An easy way to operate the system needs to be designed as well. Whether it be integrating into an existing environment (the light switch on the wall), self-adjusting along changing outside light conditions (by applying sensors), acting as part of emergency lighting (by integrating with a building management system) or scheduling display of graphics content (scalable architecture networked lighting control), we’ll integrate all available triggers and sensors and control the system.

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