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_ B-Station2 lighting & remote control
31 October 2020
Some of you know Visual Productions' original B-Station is one of our all time favourites. The 6-button Lego brick look-a-like lighting controller combined a stunningly uncomplicated look with sheer endless lighting and control functionality. Recently introduced successor B-Station2 packs a slicker design, illuminated RGB button rings and a revamped web interface into one device. And it is not only a lighting controller, yet also an intelligent universal network remote control, capable of receiving TCP and sending/receiving UDP, OSC and HTTP protocol messages across the network. Finally, the face plate is a laser cut piece of metal, which may be spray painted in a custom colour, or serve as a template for a wood veneer finish or marble print sticker. Customise-til-you-drop!

_ The White Papers - part 3 education
10 August 2020
Designing an extensive lighting control system that controls the lights at multiple locations. How to include redundancy? What formats and protocols to choose? Wired or wireless? How to monitor the system's health? Which criteria to decide on? Contact us and find out!

_ Lights on Velsen City Hall, Netherlands project
2 June 2020
Velsen City Hall recently received a lighting makeover. ipvDelft Creative Engineers provided an elegant lighting design which lights all architectural elements of the building with unobtrusive luminaires. The building was designed by famous Dutch architect Dudok and features design details like yellow and blue mosaic ceiling and columns and a smaller and bigger balcony. was asked to supply CLS, Filix and Ledlinear luminaires, which were installed by contractor De Vilder & Wijnands. In a joint effort all luminaires were tested and adjusted, with a beautiful result. Especially the city hall tower with its 24 steel blue spots in top is a real eye-catcher!

_ CLS launches unique Decostar luminaire product
29 May 2020
Being Dutch, we like Dutch manufacturers. CLS, based in Wijchen, Netherlands, developed a truly unique colour changing luminaire. Decostar is based on the proven RGBW/RGBA engine that is also used in the CLS Lon GII luminaire. Available in black and white finish, a set of Decostars can project stunning colours and effects on walls or ceilings. Wiring is straightforward with simnple Cat5 cabling and units can be daisy chained in sets of 6. A special distribution box combines 24V and DMX into one Cat5 cable - one box allows for wiring up to 24 luminaires, add as much boxes and luminaires as you wish!

_ New PreScan MRI room oozes comforting atmosphere project
20 May 2020
Hospitals and other medical areas used to be white all out. Not exactly a relaxing and comforting healing environment. Variled BV is an expert in creating comforting healing environments. They accepted Siemens Healthineers' challenge to create a comfortable atmosphere in PreScan's new Siemens supplied MRI room and consulted In close cooperation RGBW LED lines and RGB spots were installed along the walls and in the false ceiling. Now any guest, young or older, may select its favourite color to make a visit to Siemens' hi-tech MRI scanner as relaxing as possible!

_ DaliCore lighting control
13 February 2020
Dutch manufacturer Visual Productions is showing a prototype hybrid DALI/DMX lighting controller at ISE 2020. With this first version a DMX and a DALI fixture can be controlled. Whereas current products can only do conversion from DALI to DMX or DMX to DALI, DaliCore will feature an onboard DMX controller and an onboard DALI 'device controller', both with its own output which can be active simultanously. Four GPIs are available for connecting contact closures, switches and sensors and the final product will include a Show Control module, similar to Visual Productions' famous CueCore2. Future updates will include DALI2 and DT8 compatibility. Expected availability is September this year.

_ Integrated Systems Europe exhibition
2 February 2020
It's that time of year again. ISE is this year taking place in Amsterdam Netherlands for the last time. From 11th until 14th of February system integration is the main subject all over the RAI Exibition Center. Professionals from all over the world join together in sessions, meetings and keynotes, and all major manufacturers show their latest technology, products and applications on the huge exhibition floor. And remember: see you in Barcelona in 2020!