_ 4Stage.net exhibits on Dutch trade show 'Ruimte en Licht' exhibition
April 21, 2017
On May 9 2017 you can find 4Stage.net staff in Nieuwegein, Netherlands, where you will be able to discuss your lighting requirements for public spaces. 4Stage.net staff can inform you about interesting urban lighting projects like lighting for buildings, bridges and monuments, as well as landscape lighting. Location: NBC Nieuwegein, The Netherlands. If you would like to visit us there, a short email is all it takes!

_ Lights on the Dock project Leidschendam City - 1 project
February 17, 2017
Leidschendam City project
Since over a year, 4Stage.net has been in contact with an entrepreneur looking to enhance the environment around the Leidschendam historical dock and its surroundings. The dock, two churches, a monument and signature historical buildings will be lit by a lighting design made by IPV Delft Creative Engineers. The system will be controlled by intelligent solid state technology including wireless DMX technology, designed and built by 4Stage.net. The first phase of this project is due beginning of summer season.

_ Over 500 LED fixtures supplied to AG Insurance HQ, Brussels, Belgium project
January 3, 2017
AG Insurance
In close cooperation with manufacturer CLS-LED, Snoeck EG and installers Project-Team and Pradi, over 500 CLS-LED fixtures were supplied and installed on the exterior of the main headquarters of Belgian largest insurance company AG Insurance. Installing the fixtures on this Brussels located building wasn't an easy job. Because of its huge size and its location in the historical city centre special permits, tools and lifts were required.
A special version of the CLS Revo Micro was developed, which matches the facade and its colours perfectly. Special provisions were made facilitating easier and faster mounting. Over 500pcs 5 Watt Revo Micro and 36 pcs 10 Watt Revo Compact fixtures now shine their light on this signature building!