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_ Lucenti Vinci, an extraordinary light bulb product
3 March 2021
The Pearl is part of the Lucenti Vinci collection and has a retro Edison look. This smart LED bulb is weather resistant and almost unbreakable. It contains 8 RGB LEDs and a spiral filament: any colour of light can be created and the filament spreads a refined golden glow. Each bulb is individually addressable. Combined with the Vinci controller these bulbs are easy to operate with the dedicated powerline communication technology. Both power and data are being sent over the standard socket wiring, even up to 240 meter long power lines. With perfect DMX integration, stunning output and perfect dimming, the applications are endless, both outdoor and indoor.

_ It was a year like never before 2020
10 January 2021
2020. It was quite a year. Just after we had a fluent start the pandemic hit us hard. Businesses died, markets disappeared, entertaiment and events came to a complete halt. Companies converted their business model and some showed unparalleled creativity, others were less fortunate., like most companies, experienced a dip in requests and project execution, but soon recovered. We found out everything entertainment related slowed down yet system integration, major maintenance and architectural lighting projects recovered relatively quickly. In 2020 we were lucky to work on projecs like designing and programming a new lighting control system for The Pill, supplied a number of luminaires to Velsen City Hall project, replaced old halogen systems at De Tijd Restaurant, embellished an Osram MR Scanner with RGBW lighting and supplied a significant number of luminaires and lighting control systems to D&MS, PCOinfra and Snoeck Electro Centraal. And with our business partner in Greece, ILS Lighting & City Applications, we supplied CLS luminaires to Kallithea Music School, greatre Athens. Thank you all for a remarkable year we'll never forget!