We are
light architects.


4Stage.net designs and integrates excellent lighting & lighting control systems.

Reliable. On time. On budget. We design and build serious lighting systems. Contributing to a better experience and a spot-on atmosphere. Controlled by powerful yet easy to use lighting control systems. We're passionate about lighting!


About us

4Stage.net have been in the lighting industry for decades. Professionals who listen, think and offer excellent lighting and control solutions. Need a new landscape lighting design or want to light a city center? We have a solution!



Our services range from lighting design, sims and renders to programming, consultancy, commissioning and  installation. We’re equally at home in architectural, retail and commercial lighting. We know what suits your project!

Let us set your light on fire.


City Lighting
Healing Environment
Retail Projects

Drawing board to imaginative designs.

Latest News

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CLS' new Focus Micro, at only 48x16 mm, is extremely small. It is aimed at museums and art exhibitions and the zoom ranges from 6-90 degrees...

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The city of Oss, Netherlands, contacted 4Stage.net requesting a renewal proposal for the The Pill control system. The Pill was a gift to SMD (formerly known ....

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4Stage.net teams up with companies which are passionate about their industry. Accurate and precise in design-, lighting, interior- and multi media.