_ Now open: Angry Birds World Qatar project
15 October 2018
Luxury shopping mall Festival City in Doha recently opened world's first Angry Birds World. While Angry Birds Outdoor is nearing completion, Angry Birds Indoor already entertains large numbers of children and their parents. 4Stage.net assisted Cyprus based contractor Luce Ataliotis onsite with designing the RGBW mood lighting control system by integrating a large number of IoCores, QuadCores and RDMSplitters. Coloured, white and utility lighting, light switches and Building Management System were integrated in the main Lutron system. Festival City also houses Virtuocity, Qatar's first gaming hub, including full motion racing simulators, escape rooms and a multipurpose eSports arena. 4Stage.net helped testing and programming of all lights in all areas, controlled by CueCores2 and QuadCores.

_ 4Stage.net supplies new canopy lighting GLR project
18 May 2018
GLR/Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam relied on 4Stage.net for a replacement of the lighting fixtures in the canopy in front of the main building. As the new lighting is part of a larger plan to spruce up the area, several criteria had to be met. First, a far more energy efficient fixture was required. Second, a minimum light level had to be achieved and third, the massive columns, supporting the building, had to be lit as well. Based on the Dialux simulations, CLS Emerald Series 7 with its high power LED engine was chosen. A total of 134 luminaires were installed. CLS Hylo was chosen to light the columns. The rugged, clear design and the numerous light colours and beams of choice for both up and down aiming LEDs made CLS Hylo the obvious choice. Onsite tests lead to the final choice of warm white downlight and amber uplight. A total of 21 colums are lit by Hylo luminaires.