We are light architects.

4Stage.net designs and builds excellent lighting & lighting control systems.

Reliable. On time. On budget. We design and build serious lighting systems. Contributing to a better experience and a spot-on atmosphere. Controlled by powerful yet easy to use lighting control systems. That’s us: passionate about lighting!


About us

4Stage.net has been in the lighting industry for decades. Professionals who listen, think and offer excellent lighting and control solutions. Just replace your existing light sources? We have perfect retrofit solutions for you!



Our services range from lighting design, simulation and renders to system schematics and actual installation. We’re equally at home in architectural, retail and commercial lighting. We know which lighting fixtures suit your project!

Let us set your light on fire.


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Retail Exterior

Drawing board to imaginative designs.

Latest News

_ VICE Lighting new products product

VICE is the result of more than 60 years of engineering and industrial experience. The VICE architectural linear range comprises of ambient, grazing and wall washer fixtures and offers an unprecedented array of performing optics, powerful outputs and mounting options for interior or exterior applications...

_ The White Papers - Part 2 education

4Stage.net is pleased to announce a second White Paper which explains an advanced lighting control system integrated in an exhibition booth. The system comprises two controllers for central and local control and wired and wireless control surfaces, all working nicely and combined in a networked environment...

_ Acclaim Flex Spectrum product

Flex Spectrum is a new RGBW flexible LED strip, available in 5 meter lengths. As opposed to the traditional RGB+W flexible LED product with separate and alternating RGB and white LEDs, manufacturer Acclaim Lighting now has a wonderful solution with Quad RGBW LEDs. 4 colors in one LED core...